Mini Minion Pastry

Minion party food, minion snacks

Hi. Did you miss me? I'm here...finally posting a snack I made months ago for my kids. You know how "life" gets in the way sometimes? Well...that's what happened. I felt the need to post this now because...doesn't everyone wish they had their own Minions??? I mean the loyalty of a Minion is hard to find- and imagine all the things you could get done with just one or two Minions helping you....but I digress. I'll cut to the chance so you can at least make your own! Cut your blue paper (I used … [Continue reading...]

Handy Elf


I confess...I have jumped aboard the "Elf on the Shelf Train" and I don't wanna get off! This is Sparkle's 2nd year with us, but really the 1st year that we are truly getting to see her personality! This past weekend we went to Home Depot and you'll never guess who was there...Santa! Which got me thinking...I wonder if Sparkle is going to report back to the Home Depot Santa? Then I saw these little gift card holders... "Handy Elf" was born! I fit her like a glove! Sparkle went … [Continue reading...]

Free Fall Wallpaper

Free Cute Fall Owl Wallpaper

Who…Who…Who LOVES fall?! Even though it doesn’t feel like fall where we live…I thought I would design a desktop wallpaper to get us all into the fall spirit;) There are several sizes to suit your every computer need: Free Owl […]

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White Loft Winner

White Loft Custom Bedding

Ladies and Gentleman…we have a winner!!! Thank you to all who entered and to our lovely host, Lauren, the artist/owner of White Loft! The lucky winner of the one-of-a-kind Growth Chart Ruler is….CHARLENE!!!! Congratulations! If you didn’t win, don’t worry…Lauren is offering […]

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