• Color the Classics with DoodleLit
  • How Micro S’Mores will change your life
  • How to Make a Dry Erase Placemat
  • My Favorite Handmade Things
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Tic Tacs

Color the Classics with DoodleLit


Glad you’re here-follow along for more fun: RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! You’re probably thinking “Doth mine eyes decieve me??!!” No- ’tis true…the trendy folks from BabyLit who brought you the “fashionable way to introduce your toddler to the world of classic literature” have now created an awesome activity book!!     My little artist couldn’t wait to sit […]

How Micro S’Mores will change your life


 The answer is very simple: they’re easy to make, they’re fun to eat, and your kids will finally believe you have super powers!! I’m calling them Micro S’Mores for their stature (and because I made these bad boys in the microwave…Yes, it’s that easy!) At your next trip to the store, grab some Honey Maid Lil’ […]

How to Make a Dry Erase Placemat

Eat & Sketch Placemat, Etch-a-sketch placemat, Hello My Name Is Placemat, Dry Erase Placemat, CafePress

So I have to tell you, when I got contacted by CafePress.com to do a DIY project I was beyond thrilled because: A- I already LOVED creating my own items using their super easy Designer at CafePress.com B- There are thousands of items you can design or personalize and C- You know I can’t resist the opportunity to get […]

My Favorite Handmade Things

phar-ma.com 2014 Gift Guide of Favorite Handmade Things

IT’S HERE!!!! **Said in my best Oprah voice** I couldn’t be more excited to share with you my first ever PharMa’s Favorite Handmade Things!!!! In honor of Small Business Saturday, the holiday season, and the AMAZING shop owners who make these incredible products–I couldn’t help but compile my own gift guide. It was not an […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Tic Tacs

Free Printable, Tic Tacs, Go Pink, Breast Cancer Awareness Crafts, Save-A-Rack Tic Tacs

Ever had an experience that touches you so deeply that it reminds you of how precious life can be? I’m lucky enough to say that I’ve had several. I’m lucky enough to have witnessed the delicacy and endurance of the human spirit, and how one small gesture can change your destiny. A small Tic Tac […]

Gator Baby Shower

Gator Baby Shower, Alligator Baby Shower, UF Inspired Baby Shower

  Anyone like Alligators? Or The Gators? Well, saying that my sister does would be an understatement (she is a UF graduate)! So naturally there was no other theme we could go with–she even designed her nursery around these cute little gators! Now, I must admit that these photos are a few years old (my nephew […]

How to do a Complete Blog Post from Your iPhone


That’s right…a COMPLETE Blog post…edited pictures, text, watermarks and all! Now, I don’t claim to be an expert on all things iPhone and apps, but I have learned a few tricks that help me be more efficient when I can’t get to my computer. I’ll let you in on a little secret…this post was done […]

Minnie’s Bowtique Party Favors


Why hello there! I know, I know… It has been awhile…but here I am, and there you are- so let’s get down to business. “Bow Business” that is! My little girl turned 5??!!! 5??!!She loves Minnie Mouse-so of course, I simply had to throw her a Minnie’s Bow-tique party! For the favors, I down the […]

Mini Minion Pastry

Minion party food, minion snacks

Hi. Did you miss me? I’m here…finally posting a snack I made months ago for my kids. You know how “life” gets in the way sometimes? Well…that’s what happened. I felt the need to post this now because…doesn’t everyone wish they had their own Minions??? I mean the loyalty of a Minion is hard to […]

Handy Elf


I confess…I have jumped aboard the “Elf on the Shelf Train” and I don’t wanna get off! This is Sparkle’s 2nd year with us, but really the 1st year that we are truly getting to see her personality! This past weekend we went to Home Depot and you’ll never guess who was there…Santa! Which got […]