The PharMA

Yes...I am a pharmaceutical rep.
I'm also a wife and mother of a beautiful little girl and a new baby boy...clearly I needed a blog! Formally, I am The PharMA, but since we're friends, you can call me "MA"! Here I will share crafts tutorials, party ideas, and other ways to prescribe everyday creativity.
So here it is..."Your dose of creative fun!"

Mini Minion Pastry

Minion party food, minion snacks

Hi. Did you miss me? I’m here…finally posting a snack I made months ago for my kids. You know how “life” gets in the way sometimes? Well…that’s what happened. I felt the need to post this now because…doesn’t everyone wish [...]

Handy Elf


I confess…I have jumped aboard the “Elf on the Shelf Train” and I don’t wanna get off! This is Sparkle’s 2nd year with us, but really the 1st year that we are truly getting to see her personality! This past [...]

Easy Press ‘N Seal Fall Decor

Easy Last Minute Press 'N Seal Fall Decor

Who’s ready for Thanksgiving??? If you’re anything like me, you have already made several trips to the grocery store (and still have to go back for a key ingredient), haven’t started baking/cooking, and have to throw together some sort of [...]

Free Fall Wallpaper

Free Cute Fall Owl Wallpaper

Who…Who…Who LOVES fall?! Even though it doesn’t feel like fall where we live…I thought I would design a desktop wallpaper to get us all into the fall spirit;) There are several sizes to suit your every computer need: Free Owl [...]

Costume Parade

DIY Halloween Costumes, family costumes, kids costumes, group costumes, easy DIY Halloween Costumes, Pregnant Skeleton Costume, The Flintstones, Pebbles, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Costumes, Hula Skirt Costume, Baby Frenchman Costume

Looking for some last minute costume ideas?? Don’t worry- there’s still time to get creative (if it makes you feel better, I’m still working on our costumes!) I thought I’d put together a little PharMA Costume Parade for you with [...]

Cheese Mouse

Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge Mouse, How to make a mouse out of cheese, kids snacks, fun kids snacks

Isn’t he adorable?? You’re probably wondering (or not if you’ve followed my blog for a bit) why the heck did she make a mouse out of a cheese wedge?! 1. because it’s super cute and 2. for the Cinderella- Jaq [...]

$500 Amazon Gift Card GIVEAWAY!

Amazon, I'm with Cupcake, Giveaways, The PharMA Blog, The PHarMA, PharMA

Yes, you’re reading it correctly…I said $500 Amazon Gift Card GIVEAWAY!!!!! I’ve teamed up with Jordan from I’m With Cupcake (an AMAZING online resource for parties, DIY, and style) to celebrate their relaunch and quite frankly, my own!  My life has [...]

White Loft Winner

White Loft Custom Bedding

Ladies and Gentleman…we have a winner!!! Thank you to all who entered and to our lovely host, Lauren, the artist/owner of White Loft! The lucky winner of the one-of-a-kind Growth Chart Ruler is….CHARLENE!!!! Congratulations! If you didn’t win, don’t worry…Lauren is offering [...]

White Loft Giveaway!

White Loft, Giveaway, The PharMA Blog, Growth Chart Ruler

I’m so excited to start the week off by sharing with you one of the cutest Esty shops around started by an old high school pal of mine, Lauren White! Her shop White Loft features these adorable Growth Chart Rulers and [...]

Strawberry Shortcake Doll


My daughter is absolutely obsessed with Strawberry Shortcake! So I decided to throw her a Bitty Berry Cafe Themed party for her birthday (which was in September-I know, I’m the Queen of Procrastination)…these little ladies were the favors. Aren’t they [...]

Baby Clothesline Countdown

Baby Countdown, Clothesline Countdown

I’m BAAAACK!!! Did you miss me? If your a “PharMA Fan” on Facebook (as I hope you all are!!) You probably have noticed that I have alluded to some changes happening in my life that have taken me away from [...]

Valentine, You Rule!

You Rule (Free Printable)

Nothing like a little last minute Valentine love in the form of a FREE PRINTABLE! This year…tell your friends or co-workers that they “Rule” by simply printing and attaching my little ruler notes to a mini tape measurer. Pretty darn [...]