DIY Candy Pouches


So it seems like I have a fondness for candy pouches and sewing paper here lately! I made these little guys while patiently waiting the arrival of our little guy:) I wanted to give something to our AMAZING nurses and doctor–as well as a little something for friends and family who came to visit us at the hospital.

So grab your scrapbook paper, sewing machine, and candy and let’s get started! 


Cut your paper to size (mine was just shy of the size of a toilet paper roll–depending on how much candy you want to use).

Roll paper (as shown)


Pinch one side flat (add optional personalized tag)…


Sew said side shut (say that 10x fast!)




Fill with candy (mine are blue Kisses, of course!)


Pinch the other side of pouch in opposite direction and sew shut.


This was an essential part of our hospital bag and the least we could do to thank everyone who helped bring our little man into the world! Also great for party favors or a simple treat to brighten someone’s day :)

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  1. 1

    Ada says

    LOVE the pouch idea! I’m throwing a sip and see for my SIL who just had their 2nd kiddo, and these favors would be perfect for guests (I’ll add baby’s stats on the paper). I have a question concerning the sewing though. I’m relatively new to sewing, and the thought of sewing paper makes me raise an eyebrow…do you recommend certain needle/thread? Thanks!! (BTW-also LOVED the diaper babies!! PrEcIoUs!!)

  2. 2

    The PharMA says

    Hi Ada! Sorry for the delayed response (the new baby has kept me pretty busy!!!) Hopefully this response gets to you before your sip and see. Love your idea of the baby stats (super cute!)…I used my regular needle on the machine, as well as regular thread. It’s actually very easy to control the paper using a machine. I would practice doing a few straight lines with paper on your machine to get the hang of it. I think it can actually be easier than fabric…a good project for beginners:) Hope this helps! Would love to see how yours turns out!

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