S’Mores In A Jar

Are you tired of the weather dictating your right to eat

S’Mores year round?! Me too :)

WARNING: Once you try these…you will want S’MORE!

Easy S'Mores in A Baby food jar

Since I do a lot of driving, I also do a lot of thinking…

which is when I can up with this crazy idea!

I took some of the many baby food jars I had been saving (for some unknown future project)

and decided to make S’Mores in my oven.


* Baby Food Jars

(could use other small glass container that can withstand some heat)

* Graham Crackers

* Melted Butter

* Brown sugar

* Ziplock bag

* Marshmallows

* Chocolate (I used a Hershey Bar)

* Coconut (Optional…but very good!)

* Cupcake pan

* Preheat oven to 320 degrees

To prepare the “crust”: Take your ziplock bag and add graham crackers, then crush into fine pieces.

Add a few pinches of brown sugar and a couple of table spoons of melted butter

(I apologize for the vagueness but this is what I did…just enough to have a crust consistency)

* Layer crust, chocolate, and marshmallows in your jars (this would also be the time to add coconut if you’d like).

Then place jars into cupcake pan.

* Place the pan into oven and WATCH CLOSELY (it will only take a few minutes)

* Once marshmallows have melted quickly turn the broiler feature on to toast your marshmallows

DISCLAIMER: this only takes about 30 seconds and it WILL catch on fire if you leave in too long!

How to make S'mores in a jar Baby food jar crafts

Let cool…but not too much–these are S’Mores :)

I used some scraps of felt to tie around the jar to make them easier to handle (although the glass jar wasn’t too hot).

Did you notice the cute little “Graham Cracker Coasters” I made to serve them on?

Find how to make them Here!

That’s My Daily Dose-


  1. 1

    Misty R. says

    I wonder if you could make these ahead of time and pass out as gifts and have them bake them at home? I just didn’t know with the butter in there? Any ideas?

  2. 2

    Lisa Rose says

    I love it!!!! Great idea. I know have to ask someone i know for baby jars. I guess you could use 1/2 pint canning jars. Wonderful idea!!

  3. 3

    The PharMA says

    Hi Misty! That’s a great idea! The ones that I made you had to eat pretty fast because the marshmallows deflate after about 10 min. Maybe making a “S’mores Kit” with all the ingredients with the jar and the recipe attached would be good as a gift? Would love to hear what you come up with :)

  4. 4

    The PharMA says

    Thanks Lisa Rose!!! The canning jars would work great too…just add more chocolate and marshmallows:) Have fun…thank you for stopping by!!!

  5. 6

    Carollee says

    This is such a great idea. I am going to make them for a meeting I am going to this weekend. They will love them, I already know. I am just going to have to buy some meat baby food and feed it to my cat or something to get the little jars. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  6. 7

    Tina says

    I am going to try these without the butter, then if they taste okay I am going to make the “kit” to hand out as gifts! Great idea thanks for sharing!!

  7. 12

    DeAnna says

    I am so gonna show this to my daughter’s Girl Scout leader! Right now, we are under a burn ban, so they can’t roast marshmallows outside :( Thank you so much for sharing!!

  8. 13

    arual edie rebew says

    OMG…..I bow down to you with great respect….your a genius, will be makin these as one of the desert’s on Turkey Day.Thanks a bunch

  9. 20

    Judith says

    why do you put the jars into a cupecake pan? is that really necessary or is it just a way to clean it easy in case of dirt?

  10. 21

    The PharMA says

    Hi Judy…totally optional to use the cupcake pan. I just found it was faster/easier to take in and out of the oven when you are making a lot at once :)

  11. 25

    The PharMA says

    Thank you Lindsay and Amy…I LOVE hearing from you! Amy–I finally got a chance to check out your blog—ADORABLE!!! Love your shoebox upgrade :)

  12. 26

    blubrdfhapiness says

    Oh my goodness, these are delicious. And the mess stays in the jar instead of getting all over my hands. Love it!

  13. 29

    sizzlelene says

    I make cakes in a jar and ship them to my soldier and his battle buddies stationed in Afghanistan. I think I’m going to try this – they can always take the lids off and reheat it in the microwave!

  14. 32

    Gloria Sauve says

    This is a really neat idea…and so yummy! My question is: how do you go about eating it? Do you dig right into the jar with a spoon? If so, then it would be cute to tie a plastic spoon onto the side of the jar. Thanks for letting us all know about your great idea!!Gloria

  15. 33

    Kristine says

    LOVE this idea! Has anyone tried this without the butter? I want to try and make these as favors for a Couples Wedding Shower!

  16. 34

    The PharMA says

    Hi Gloria! Yes…dig in with a spoon!!! Love the idea of attaching one to the jar (but if serving hot maybe use one of those wooden spoons?)And Kristine…Cute idea to use at couples shower (maybe you could tie a spoon on the side as Gloria suggested? Super Cute!) I have made them without the butter and they were just as good. The butter makes more of a pie crust consistency but still delicious without!

  17. 35

    Zita says

    Hey, so can I do this without the little jars? How about if I put it in the muffin pan only I change the order of the ingredients? I can’t make them stand on their own? You know, not like a cake but like a pudding or something…

  18. 37

    Chelsea R. says

    This is a fantastic idea! Even though we make smores outside on the firepit, this would be great for those rainy or just-too-hot days! I think I’m going to make them ahead of time and use Butter Buds instead of outright butter. Thanks again :)

  19. 39

    Laila Garrett says

    I’ve made something similar but instead of the hershey bar used roll-o candies. Hubby ate the first batch before I could send out as gifts.

  20. 41

    Janet Coursey says

    could you make a gramcracker crust first in a custard dish and then use that instead of a jar? Just bring it up to the top of the dish so the other things wouldn’t spill over.

  21. 47

    casey says

    How many ounces are the baby food jars you use? I have 4 oz canning jars, but they seem like they might be a little small and the mouths too wide. I can’t wait to make this for holiday gifts! Thanks!

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