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DIY Baby beret, French Baby

Bonjour! Just 12 weeks old and already a budding artist! Yes, I did subject my little guy to dress up like a Frenchman but with good reason! I should mention that the hat can also be worn by our canine friends as well…My daughter’s school is putting on a play about art and their mascot needed a costume too. My little guy was just helping his MA with sizing–I just got a little carried away with the photo shoot! Bottom line: berets are cute on babies and dogs!

DIY Baby beret

Use your small plate or bowl as a circle pattern to cut out the felt(remember the beret will turn under so the plate should be bigger than the desired hat size).

DIY Baby beret


1- Use a running stitch to gather the felt completely around the circle

2- Felt should create a “mushroom”–tie off thread. Sew on elastic for chin strap (not too tight!)

3- Cut out a small piece of felt for top of hat

4- Secure to hat with a stich in the middle


DIY Baby beret

Place on your frenchman/dog and admire their cuteness! This would make an adorable Halloween costume as well. What have you dressed your baby (human or canine) up as? I’d love to hear :)

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    Toqua's Crafts says

    That is just too cute!I used to live in an area that had a lot of Basque people. Berets are very popular among the Basque. Your little guy would definitely fit in there!! :)

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