Diaper Babies…the details

Diaper Babies the details

Remember these guys?? Well, I had some requests to further explain how to make some of your own–and you know I’m here to please! So without further delay…here are the details:

Diaper Baby
Diaper Babies, How to make diaper babies, diaper baby
Diaper Babies, Diaper Baby
diaper babies...the details, diaper babies
Diaper Babies, Diaper Baby
Diaper Baby, Diaper Babies the details
Diaper Baby

…and there you have it! Make some for a mommy-to-be or to bring a smile to your face for those 2 am diaper changes!

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  1. 1

    Jean says

    I made some of these today (3/1) for my new granddaughter who will arrive in May. They were a lot of fun to make.

  2. 3

    The PharMA says

    I’m so glad you made then Jean!! Please post a pic to my facebook page if you get a chance…I’d love to see yours :)And THANK YOU so much Rose for the PIN (I always am tickled to see my stuff pop up on Pinterest)!!Thank you for the comments!!!

  3. 4

    Erica Baty says

    Love these! thanks for sharing I want to make these for a friend who just had her baby yesterday!!

  4. 5

    Joanne Theis says

    Absolutely love this clever idea for a baby shower. All useful and beautifylly displayed as decorations. Thanks for sharing.

  5. 8

    Brit says

    I love these and want to make them but have one question–do you glue the wiggly eyes on? Does that make the diaper unusable?

  6. 15

    Mary Jo says

    So cute, I have 2 great niece or nephew expected this summer and will be making these for them for sure!!

  7. 16

    The PharMA says

    Sorry for the delayed response everyone! Thank you for your comments…keep ‘em coming :)Brandy: I’m not sure why you can’t see the pictures…maybe a browser update needed? Anyone else having this problem?Brit: Yes…we glued them on…you can still use the diaper this way (just pop the eyes off since it is such a small amount of glue…or I like Patty’s idea with the double stick tape…thanks Patty!)Jerry: Yes…they are newborn pampers (disposable). They had the least amount of print on them and allowed plenty of room for the faces. Hope this helps… please post pictures on my Facebook page of all your babies…I would LOVE to see them!!!

  8. 17

    Angela says

    I am going to make these for a shower and I am trying to come up with a cute presentation. Anybody got an idea? Lined up in shallow basket, combined with some other diapering related gift … ?

  9. 18

    The PharMA says

    Hi Angela! My sister used then in a shallow basket too (like a little crib) and also sitting around the cake. Hope this helps! :)

  10. 20

    Angela says

    Thank you for your response. Yes, the shallow basket "crib" is the way to go :). Lined it with a foam Mattress covered in outfit with co-ordinating colors. Thank you for the cute idea.

  11. 21

    Patricia L says

    I pinned this direct link on pinterest and just so you know (although im sure your blog hits are telling you), its gotten almost a 100 repins in an hour or so!

  12. 24

    Danielle says

    forget the eyes. what about the pin? doesn’t that make the diaper unusuable not to mention a little dangerous?

  13. 25

    Angela says

    Oh people! Come on! It's a cute gift idea. Give the rest of the unused package to the new mom to be "usuable". a couple can be sacrificed to make it adorable. If you don't get that then this isn't the craft for you. Just give butt cream if you want it to be totally useful.

  14. 26

    Patricia L says

    I agree with Angela. Plus, you aren’t handing the diaper with the eyes and pins to the baby! so where’s the danger? If you are worried about safety for an adult, just draw eyes and use a rubberband. Sheesh.

  15. 27

    Martha says

    I made these to use as a decoration at my daughter’s reveal party and placed them around in the confetti on the food table. They made a cute decoration and everyone enjoyed them. thanks for the idea!!

  16. 29

    sally says

    I love these, I think I will suggest my daughter make these for a baby shower she is giving. They could be used as an ice breaker, as each guest arrives, give them a diaper baby. When you start the shower, you need to find the person who has the diaper baby with the matching hat to your diaper baby, talk a little and then you introduce the person who is your diaper baby match to the rest of the people at the shower. We are having a shower with both sides of the family, so there will be lots of people we don’t know one and other!

  17. 30

    Sally says

    See my comment above…….They should leave the diaper babies for the Mother to be, put back in the basket or in the storks diaper in our case. We have an old ceramic stork that was in the baby department of a store my family owned.. I think we will use a clothe diaper hanging from its beak and place all the diaper babies in that, by the entry way!

  18. 31

    Mrs plimmer says

    One of the the most creative baby putogether gifts I’ve ever seen! Your sister is very creative. Keep it up.

  19. 33

    AdorableDiapers says

    These are absolutely adorable! We use rubber bands that we got at the dollar store. Pins scare me!

  20. 34

    Rebecca says

    Such a cute idea…I am going to make these for a friend’s baby shower…she is having a Christmas baby! TY for the lovely idea!!

  21. 35

    Sharon Spink says

    I love these. How about putting several in a basket (using rubber bands to secure nappy) and instead of using several washcloths you could use fleece wipes or a muslin as a blanket to cover them all. I really wouldn’t want several washcloths but would be able to use a muslin or two or re-usable baby wipes.

  22. 36

    linda phillips says

    love these/ great idea i love to do crafts myself. they are also very easy.thank you for sharing.

  23. 41

    The PharMA says

    Thank you for all of your feedback, comments, ideas, and pins–I’m overwhelmed by your responses!!! Rubber bands are a great idea if you are worried about the pins…I found that the pin was easy enough for me to remove before use–but it’s totally up to what you feel comfortable with! Same goes for the eyes…you can always just draw them on with a permanent marker instead of attaching googley eyes. I’m loving all the presentation ideas as well…don’t forget to share your project pics on my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-PharMA-Blog/182398968442382Thanks again for following my blog!!!

  24. 43

    Lauren says

    Brandy, Thanks for the tip!! I am thinking of making them for a shower and Thought the rubber bands might be easier!

  25. 45

    rebecca wheeler says

    I used little hair elastics instead of pins to secure the diaper…works like a charm. I presented 12 of these little guys in an egg carton….the mom to be loved them!

  26. 46

    Megan says

    I just made these! I drew on the eyes (sleeping) and didn’t use anything but a little scotch tap to secure my rolled diaper. =) Everything is still usable!

  27. 48

    Julie says

    Can’t wait to get started on some of these…what a fantastic idea! Will have to make two each otherwise they will end up with only one sock lol

  28. 51

    Tatyana says

    Would this be a good baby shower gift too ? I’ll be making the lollipops ones where you use the spoon as the stick & washcloth as the sucker part. (Saw this idea on Pinterest)

  29. 52

    Vicki says

    I thought these were so adorable! So I made a couple for a baby shower, as a gift for winning a game. I turned the diaper inside out & rolled it up! Instead of the pin I put a velcro dot!

  30. 55

    Terra says

    I saw these on Pinterest and I plan to make these for my dear friend’s first baby boy! They are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  31. 57

    Angela Stinnett says

    I love this idea as I often make diaper cakes or diaper wreaths as baby shower gifts. However, I will offer up 1 tiny suggestion. Instead of using a pin, secure diaper with a small rubber band that way there is no chance of accidents. I wrap my diapers for diaper cakes that way & it actually holds very well. 1 bag of various size rubber bands = less than $1

  32. 58

    Leslie says

    I made these for my daughter-in-law’s baby shower. She’s having twins, so I made pink ones and blue ones. They were so easy to make and turned out adorable! Thank you!!

  33. 59

    Staci says

    Going to a joint shower for co-workers, so I got to make pink and blue ones.I opted not to use the pin to hold the diaper together and just made sure that the wash cloth was nice and tight. Also, instead of socks for hats (couldn’t find any plain colored ones…all of them had prints – that would have been upside down – or words), so I used baby mitts, which both moms registered for. Such a wonderful idea and easy instructions – thanks!

  34. 60

    The PharMA says

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments, feedback, and suggestions…love them all! @Keilyn…you can get googly eyes that already have sticky on the back and then they easily peel off before use :)

  35. 61

    Ex Lonski says

    Just made these with newborn disposable diapers and they were super easy and super cute…..and they actually look like the post!

  36. 62

    Christina says

    Love this idea, I used size 3-6 month onesies instead of diapers and put a little dab of glue for the eyes. Just as cute. Thanks for the idea!

  37. 63

    Mary ann says

    Such a cute idea! I am making them next week for my daughter in law’s shower – I know she will be thrilled!!!!

  38. 71

    Mickie Lomax says

    I just finished these this morning. Wow so easy. My co worker is going to be so surprise. Thanks for another great idea for a baby shower.

  39. 73

    Barbianne Davis says

    Hi- saw this on Pinterest, pinned it and now we are doing a modified version for baby shower favors! Instead of a diaper we painted toilet paper tubes white and filled them with candy instead of using the diaper! Thanks so mcuh for the idea!!!!

  40. 75

    Cheryl says

    That is so adorable…I’ll be making several for my daughter’s baby shower…she’s having twins…a boy and girl so I’ll have fun making all the colors. Very creative…Thanks for the idea!

  41. 78

    Martha Lofton says

    got a grand baby due in May so I will have to buy some diapers and baby wash clothes and baby socks to make these. but it is a good idea.
    Martha Lofton

  42. 80

    Bev says

    the little guys cute, but I would also like to see how to make the little one curled up with the chewchie in it’s mouth and the bassinet. Thanks.

    • 81


      Hi Bev- I believe the picture your referring to is from a different website. I have only made the little Diaper Babies. So sorry I couldn’t help!


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