Groundhog Goodies

Groundhog Cookies, Groundhog Day

A very important holiday is coming up and all too often it is over-SHADOWed by Valentine’s Day :) It’s my belief that we should celebrate Groundhog Day with the same vigor as every other holiday…after all, it does determine when spring will arrive!

Groundhog CookiesNothing like some sarcastic groundhogs, eh?!

Groundhog GoodiesSUPPLIES:

-Entenmann’s Madeleines (or your own recipe)

-Mini Chocolate Chips

-Sliced Almonds

-Chocolate Cookie Icing

-White Sprinkles


Groundhog Cookies

Use a toothpick to make “pilot holes” for eyes…

Groundhog GoodiesPlace chips upside down into holes.

Groundhog Cookies

Use Cookie icing to draw mouth (and use as “glue” for nose) and push a white sprinkle into cookie for a tooth.

Now…you could stop here, but why??? Your adorable groundhogs need a home :)

Groundhog Pudding Goodie

Grab some pudding cups (said in my best Bill Cosby voice!) and green coconut (just mix in some green food coloring)…and WA-LA!

Which leaves us wondering…

Groundhog Goodies

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