Hairbrush Pin Cushion

Call me crazy, but I’ve always thought that hairbrushes look like pin cushions…anyone agree? Well, they do make very cute pin cushions anyway :) Here’s how I made mine:

Creative Pin Cushions
Hairbrush Pin Cushion
Hairbrush Pin Cushion
Hairbrush Pin Cushion
Creative DIY Pin Cushion Ideas
Pin Cushion Creative Ideas

I mean they could’ve been separated at birth…right?!

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  1. 1

    Jenn Erickson/Rook No. 17 says

    This is absolutely, positively, one of the cutest pin cushions EVER!We’re both in the top 25 at Babble, so I wanted to come by and say hi, congrats, and enjoy your blog.Have a great weekend!Jenn

  2. 3

    The PharMA says

    Thank you so much Jenn and Joanne! Jenn- I actually have been following your blog for a while now and absolutely LOVE it!! Thank you so much for reaching out and Congrats to you too :)Joanne- I’m so glad you found my facebook page…My facebook button doesn’t quite stand out enough so I will look into making it easier to find. Thank you for the suggestion ;) Hope you both enjoy the holiday weekend!

  3. 4

    Taryn says

    This is so cute!! My daughters are just getting really interested in the whole crafts thing (that I’m obsessed with) and I can’t wait to make a few of these for them.

  4. 6

    georgia stewart says

    this is a absolutly darling pincussion and so so original , you have incredable talent , i love this and will attempt to make one , how cute

  5. 9

    Jean says

    I wish I could “pinterest” this link. I couldn’t. Not even directly to a picture. I really like this pinchushion! I need to dig into my craft dresser to select felts to use…

  6. 10

    The PharMA says

    HI Jean! I’m so sorry you couldn’t “pin” the image…I’m not sure why :( So excited your going to make on of your own!!! Would love to see a pic when your done!

  7. 11

    thezenofmaking says

    I love everything about this! It would also be really easy to add an elastic band for arm-strapping purposes. I, for one, think that walking around my dress form with a hairbrush pin cushion on my bicep would be the height of fashion. ;)

  8. 12

    The PharMA says

    thezenofmaking…I absolutely agree!!!! I love that idea and I would certainly wear mine around as well :) I’m sure it would catch on in no time! Haha! Thank you for your comment and sense of humor :)

  9. 16

    The PharMA says

    Thank you everyone for your sweet comments! I’m so glad you like the project!! And Vivianne…I’m so tickled you commented on the font! It took me the longest time to find the perfect “pin cushion” font :) haha

  10. 19


    Hi Sweetie! I followed a “pin” for your pin cushion hairbrush to this blog. However, the tute is no longer visible–and when I clicked on a link, I received a dead link message. Could you please send the pin cushion brush tutorial to my email address–or have you, perhaps, moved your blog to another server/web hosting service?

    I would love to make one of these for each of my daughters (ages 17 and 24).

    Thank you in advance!

    Lisa Peden

    • 20


      Hi Lisa–

      Sorry for the delayed response…I’ve had some issues with my blog (as you can tell)! I will get the tutorial up and running as soon as possible..thank you for letting me know!

        • 22


          Ah, I remember this! When I wrote my first comment, my daughters were 17 and 24; now they’re 18 and 25! (lol)

          Just giving you grief! I, personally, can’t remember the last time I changed the images on my home page–so I completely understand !

          Thank you for fixing it/re-uploading the tutorial. :) I just took my sewing/embroidery machine in for repair, so now would be an excellent time to make these. :)

          Thank you again! <3

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