Lunchbox Cloth Napkins



Lunch just got fancier! Not only are cloth napkins green but they are also very posh :) My daughter goes to a green school so cloth napkins are a must…that’s why I decided to make some smaller lunchbox-sized cloth napkins complete with her initial (these are great for adult lunches too)!


Use your sewing machine to stitch edges down.

In case you wanted a corner view…I mean, who doesn’t?! :)


Follow the package instructions for the iron-on initials.


And you’re done!


The perfect size for a lunchbox :)

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    • says

      I have thought about maknig this change since we go through paper napkins so quickly and I hate paying for them. I would like to have a good stash of them, so think I will start looking for some in clearance sections of my favorite stores. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  1. The PharMA says

    I’m sure they’ll love them Anwen! I’d love to see the finished project if you would like to post it on my FB page :)

    • says

      This is something I solhud do too. We’re at a point where we hardly use any paper towels but when we need a napkin that is what we grab. They solhud be pretty easy to make too, especially since they don’t require much fabric. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. The PharMA says

    Thank you Doria! Some was from JoAnn Fabrics and the other I got at a local craft store (in SWFL) called Sew Worth it

  3. michele says

    I found your blog through Jennie at Got My Reservations. Our children also attend a green school and this idea is fantastic. My daughter and I will be making it a fun and easy sewing project. Thank you for sharing!


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