Meet The Flintstones?

DIY Halloween CostumesYou guessed it…last year’s costumes:) And I just realized this is the first time my face is in a picture on my blog (and no…that isn’t my real hair color)! Guess the secret is out, huh?!

I thought I would share how I quickly (and inexpensively) put these costumes together:

DIY Flinstones costumesIsn’t Fred a good sport? For this costume I used 2 oversized orange polo shirts from Wal-Mart. I cut a sponge and used fabric paint for the print. The sleeves were cut off and I cut just below the arms on the 2nd shirt to add length to first shirt (see below for full length picture). The tie is actually a fleece scarf (also from Wal-Mart) that I cut to give it a more ragged feel.

Wilma Flinstone Costume

The Wilma necklace was made from felt “rocks” attached to white ribbon…the dress is store bought (can you tell I was running out of time?

Flinstones DIY Halloween Costumes

We couldn’t be The Flintstones without a Dino, right? I sketched a Dino pattern and cut him out of felt (and the Ribbon Bracelet was born).

Pebbles Costume

I found a green t-shirt in the young girls section so I had enough fabric to turn it into a baby’s dress. I also used my sponge to create the pattern on her dress. Pebbles’ bone was made out of felt and attached to a white hairband.

Flinstones Pebbles

I mean…how cute is my little Pebbles?

Flintstones DIY Halloween Costumes

Full length shot :) And there you have it….hope you have a Yabba Dabba Do Time this Halloween!!!

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That’s My Daily Dose!


  1. 4

    Brianna Storch says

    You are WAAAAAAAY too creative! Those outfits are adorable.Your entire blog is so creative too! Thanks for becoming a fan of mine, I’m definitely going to follow yours as well and perhaps bathe in a bit of your creative juices. :)

  2. 6

    Toqua's Crafts says

    Too Cute!My hubby and I don’t dress up. I had briefly thought about sending this idea to my daughter and her family, but where they live it is typically too cold to dress like your costumes (they’d have to have long johns on under!)Your Pebbles is too darn cute!


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