Mini Minion Pastry

Minion party food, minion snacks

Hi. Did you miss me? I’m here…finally posting a snack I made months ago for my kids. You know how “life” gets in the way sometimes? Well…that’s what happened. I felt the need to post this now because…doesn’t everyone wish they had their own Minions??? I mean the loyalty of a Minion is hard to find- and imagine all the things you could get done with just one or two Minions helping you….but I digress. I’ll cut to the chance so you can at least make your own!

Minion party food, Minion snacks

Cut your blue paper (I used a heavier construction paper) into 2 inch strips.



Roll and secure with tape. Cut little Minion feet and secure to roll with tape.


Make more…See what I mean??? A trusty minion would be handy here!


Now for the really fun part!!! Use the icing as “glue” and attach the eyes or eye and draw on glasses.


But remember…You’re never fully dressed without a…


SMILE!!! Now let’s give your Minion a hairdo with style (using chocolate sprinkles, of course!)


Aren’t they ADORABLE??? Honestly, I don’t know what my obsession is with turning food into characters but I’m fairly certain we are of like minds…after-all, you’re here aren’t you??

Minion Party, Minion Part food, Minion treats, Despicable Me party food

All-in-all, everyone got along great at the photo shoot. I even think there were some life-long friends made…


It was almost too hard to eat them…almost! Please pin and share away…oh a do become my “friend” by liking my pages…we already have so much in common!

That’s My Daily Dose!


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