Mini Shamrock Card

Why not tell someone special that “I’m LUCKY to have you in my life” with a mini Shamrock card this St. Patty’s Day?!


These are easy to make and would be a wonderful surprise slipped into a lunch box, brief case, or purse:

Shamrock Card

1- Supplies: green ribbon, green buttons, coordinating green thread, needle, floral wire, tacky glue, scissors, and mini note card

2- Cut 2 strips of ribbon the same size (depending on how big you would like your Shamrock)

3- Make a loop with one piece of ribbon and thread needle

4- Repeat Step 3 and criss-cross the 2 loops

5- Sew button to secure the pieces together

6- Flip over the Shamrock–cut floral wire to size and bend end to create a hook (sew floral wire on back to secure)

7- Glue to front of your mini card

8- Write your message inside :)

Please check out this project and much more crafty inspiration over at

What a great site to get your creative juices flowing!

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