Hedgehog Donut Holes

Hedgehog Donut HolesOk…..I love hedgehogs! There, I said it. Aren’t they the cutest?! I got inspired by some cinnamon donut holes and thought, “wouldn’t these make the most adorable hedgehogs?” I know….I’m slightly obsessed…


Now time to add the face…tip: use a toothpick to make “pilot holes” then push sprinkles in.


Seriously….the cutest!


That’s My Daily Dose!



  1. 5

    The PharMA says

    So glad you all like my hedgehogs!!! Hope you have as much fun making them as I did (oh…and eating them too)!! Thank you for your sweet comments.

  2. 12

    LyndsaySherman2 says

    Hello, I have found interest in this recipe. Could you be more specific on the type of chocolate? I was thinking, hersheys syrup or melted chocolate chips.

    Thank you!

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