Diaper Babies

Diaper Babies

My wonderful family threw an adorable shower for me this weekend and my crafty sister made these super cute “Diaper Babies” that were used as decor–I simply had to share them with you!

Diaper Babies, How to make diaper babies

I mean…seriously cute;) She used newborn diapers, a baby washcloth for the blanket, and a baby sock for the hat. UPDATE: For the instructions check out: The Details!

Diaper Babies

We have just a few more things to hang in the nursery and then I will share the details soon. Baby Watch 2012 is still in full effect at our house….any time now….seriously…I am ready!

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  1. 1

    Deb says

    I am definitely doing to do this; but I think I will make the “baby” larger and then use baby blanket and a baby size hat – thanks for the fun idea

  2. 7

    gail says

    I got the things I needed to make these today. A Friend of a friend just had a little boy. She has 2 little gils at home, I am sure they will think these are adorable!! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. 12

    ToquasCrafts says

    Oh my gosh! These are ADORABLE!I have a friend that is expecting twins… what a great idea for her shower!!Thank you for sharing!

  4. 13

    Christine says

    They’re adorable. A word of warning – I wouldn’t do them with larger diapers, as most people these days seem to be buying their own. There’s so many types of diapers, that what you get might not match. The only woman I know who got diapers for her shower used all those ones as burp cloths.Newborn should be safe though – a lot of my friends didn’t bother with newborn diapers, they just used disposables. Less to avoid the laundry that early, and more because the baby outgrows them so quickly, so as long as the baby is small enough, these would be amazing.

  5. 17

    Debbie says

    Please tell me how to make these. They are adorable . I would like to make them for my daughter that is due in May.

  6. 19

    Vic says

    I made this for my son’s teacher. Everybody loved it. I want to share you the picture of the diaper babies I made. How do I do that?

  7. 21

    Denny Moore says

    Thank you for the idea!! I have a daycare and my little girls loved making one. They are so cute!!

  8. 23

    Rachelle d says

    Any suggestions on how you could present them?? In a box… I love them… Great idea can’t wait to make, very very talented lady x

    • 24


      So sorry for the delay Rachelle, you’re too sweet…I’ve seen them in baskets, made into wreaths, and even scattered around the tables for party decor :) Hope this helps!

  9. 25

    April says

    These are adorable! I am making about 48 of them for my cousins baby shower and we are using them for a game. As people arrive they will be handed one of these babies and told they can do whatever they want with it…lay it down, hand it to someone or hold onto it. Whoever has the most babies at the end of the shower wins! Much better than buying a bunch of baby dolls and then trying to figure out what to do with them afterwards. This way mommy to be gets some much needed diapers, socks and washcloths!

  10. 26

    Marlene says

    These are so adorable!! I want to make them for my daughter’s shower in November but I’m having a hard time finding the cute little socks like yours. Do you know where your sister got them by any chance? Thanks!!


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